Kim S.jpg

Kim Smith (She/Her) MS FSHS

Executive Director

(360) 742-3061


Shannon Wilcox (She/Her) PT, DPT

Physical Therapist

Early Support Program Director

(360) 352-1126


Karen Huggins (She/Her)

Family Resources Coordinator

Program Director

(360) 352-1126 EXT. 103


Sylvia Davenport (She/Her)

Helping Parent/Transition Program Director

(360) 352-1126 EXT. 106


CyRita Walls (She/Her) MBA, SPHR

Human Resources Director



Angelica Godinez (Angie)

Bilingual Helping Parent


(360) 462-0362


Danielle Gardner (She/Her)

Early Learning Program Coordinator

(360) 742-3061


Mo Jackson (They/Them/Theirs)

Diversity/Equity/Inclusion Coordinator

(360) 742-3061


Shawn Thurman (She/Her)

Outreach Coordinator

(360) 742-3061

(360) 485-2985 cell


Antonio Cortes 

IT Coordinator

(360) 352-1126


Dawn Harrison (She/Her)

Early Support Intake


(360) 489-6374


Olivia McGuire (She/Her)

Project Coordinator

(360) 742-3061


Viktoria Skillingstad (She/Her)

Fundraising Coordinator

(360) 742-3061


Amy L.jpg

Amy Lepien (She/Her)

Employee Activities Coordinator

(360) 742-3061


Courtney Yeager

Growing Learners Teacher

(360) 352-1126


Marc Daigneault 

Office Manager

(360) 352-1126 EXT. 120


Mirta Rosas

Translator/Written Materials


Tosha Parker

Early Support Billing Specialist / Executive Assistant

(360) 742-3061


Chris Brandt

Office Assistant


Hayley Harris (She/Her) 

Early Support Records Specialist

(360) 352-1126 EXT. 111


Alexi Prante

SMART/HP Admin Assistant

(360) 352-1126


Nakeea Kliem

Data Entry Specialist

(360) 352-1126



Alissa Eromae (She/Her)  MSW 

Staff Development Coordinator


Amanda Ernst IMH-E

Early Support Specialist

(360) 352-1126 EXT. 122


Anne-Marie Chapman (She/Her) CCC-SLP

Speech Language Pathologist 

(360) 462-0383


Barb George (She/Her)

Early Support Specialist

(360) 637-8586


Rebekah Marstrom 

Early Support Specialist

(360) 352-1126


Chandra Lindeman (She/Her)


Social-Emotional Specialist

(360) 352-1126 EXT. 107


Cristina Delira

Early Support Specialist Bilingual-Spanish  

(360) 462-0362


Emily Chemers (She/Her) MEd SPED

Early Support Teacher

(360) 352-1126 EXT. 112


Erin Murray (She/Her) MEd SPED

Special Education Teacher

(360) 352-1126 EXT. 128


Heather Powers

Early Support Specialist

(360) 352-1126 EXT. 129


Jim Smith (He/Him) MA SPED, MA Admin

Transition Coordinator

(360) 352-1126


Jordan Kennedy (He/Him)

Early Support Specialist

(360) 352-1126 EXT. 104


Katie Warnock

Social-Emotional Specialist 

(360) 352-1126


Kayla Young (She/Her)

Early Support Specialist

(360) 352-1126


Kim Rush (She/Her/They/Them)

Early Support Specialist

(360) 352-1126 EXT. 127


Lindsey Pulley

Speech Language Pathologist


(360) 352-1126


Marie Brain

Early Support Specialist

(360) 352-1126 EXT. 138


Marisha Bruce (She/Her)

Early Support Specialist

(360) 462-0383


Naomi Mork  (she/her) OTR/L

Occupational Therapist

(360) 352-1126


Nicole Prohaska (she/her)  OTR/L

Occupational Therapist

(360) 352-1126


Sandra Lovely

Early Support Specialist

(360) 462-0383


Shelby Kelly

Early Support Specialist

(360) 462-0383



Aleshka Monge

FRC - Bilingual-Spanish

(360) 352-1126


Ashley Kirkpatrick

(360) 637-8586


Janice Baluyot

(360) 352-1126 EXT. 126


Leslie Santana

FRC - Bilingual-Spanish

Family Resources Coordinator

(360) 352-1126


Molly Davidson

(360) 637-8586


Tonya Lunghofer (She/Her)

(360) 462-0383

Amy N.jpg

Amy Neal (She/Her)

(360) 352-1126 EXT. 117


Brett DeFord (He/Him)

(360) 352-1126 EXT. 123


Kaity Mayo (She/They)

Compliance Coordinator

(360) 352-1126 EXT. 134


Lindia Francis (She/Her)

(360) 352-1126 EXT. 125


Samantha Becerra (She/Her)

 FRC - Bilingual-Spanish

(360) 462-0383


Board President: Lauren Howard

Mother of three and a military spouse. After her child transitioned out of the Birth to Three Program, Lauren joined the Board of Directors in an effort to give back to the organization that has supported her family so well through the years.

E_Renae Antalan.webp

Vice President: E. Renae Antalan

 E. Renae is an Army Veteran, wife, mother, and grandparent/guardian whose been raising her two young grandchildren for the past 4 years. Early on she noted they were not developing along with their peers and sought help. She walked into SSP2P tired, alone, and with a lot of questions. An hour and a half later she walked out with a renewed energy, answers, and a motivated and compassionate Early Intervention team at her shoulders! From her heart to yours, it is truly an honor to be a part of and serve on the SSP2P board. For not only her grandchildren, but to all those who came before, are currently being served, and the countless others that have yet to come. Theirs is truly a brighter future!!   


Treasurer: Eric Hurlburt

Eric, a 40-year resident of Olympia, is retired from the Department of Agriculture where he was responsible for marketing and economic development, including the state’s Farm-to-School and Small Farms programs. He also served on several governmental and non-profit boards, commissions, and advisory committees. As a new board member, he has a lot to learn about SSP2P, but is excited to help support SSP2P to support the families of children with special needs more effectively and efficiently.

Katie McKinnon 2.webp

Secretary: Katie McKinnon

I’m a wife and mom of twins, and we have greatly benefited from the services we have received from SSP2P.

I am excited to be on the board to help raise community awareness and support the organization for the amazing work they do with families.

Jocelyn Brown.webp
Maria Huang.png

2020-21 Board Member: Susan Stewart

Susan is a wife and mother of two boys and a daughter with special needs.  "As a Founding Member of Parent to Parent, I felt I wanted to put my energies back into an organization, devoted to helping parents of special needs kids, discover available services and support for the family.  With my boys grown and having lost our daughter, I find now that I have time to pursue this.  I retired from the Olympia School District in 2018."

2020-21 Board Member: Jocelyn Brown

Having grown up in Olympia, Jocelyn sees how lucky we are to have such a rich community environment. After passing the bar, Jocelyn opened her own law firm with a goal of providing much needed affordable legal support to the community. Jocelyn has directly seen the positive and essential role that SSP2P plays in the lives of her clients. She is motivated by the opportunity to contribute to an organization that has given so much to our community.

2020-21 Board Member: /Maria Huang

Maria is a pediatrician in Olympia and has been living in Tumwater since 2011.  She has had numerous patients benefit from the Birth to Three program and believes South Sound Parent to Parent is vital to our community.  She strongly supports their mission to serve and provide resources to families with children with special needs or developmental delays.  She is passionate about fighting for kids and advocates at the Capitol to promote legislature that improves the health and well-being of Washington’s children.  She has a husband with Washington roots and one daughter.

Dee Freeman.jpg

2020-21 Board Member: Dee Freeman

Working with families to help all children reach their full potential is my passion.   I sincerely believe that the future of every child depends on the efforts of all of us.   As a retired professional educator of more than 50 years I am acutely aware that parents are the first and most important teachers.  When I look back on the lives of all of my students, especially those who had visual, hearing, medical, cognitive or other types of challenges, the ones who have been the most successful are those whose parents had the knowledge to inspire their children.  The more parents know, the better chance of a positive future. Our public school’s systems are seriously overwhelmed, and these kids and their families can’t wait for their support.   The input from the various components of Parent to Parent can be life changing.  I am excited to be a part group that is providing the input to enhance the future of our entire community.

Susan Bakke.jpg

2021 Board Member: Susan Bakke

Hi, I'm Susan Bakke, a Birth to Five Service Provider for Deaf and Hard of Hearing children and their families. I work for the WA Center for Deaf/HH Youth, as part of their Outreach Team.

After 16 years as a classroom Teacher of the Deaf, I was thrilled to become an Early Intervention home visitor. I love working with babies, toddlers, preschoolers, and parents to help young children develop language and become good communicators!

I grew up in Portland, OR, and go there monthly to visit family. I've lived in Olympia for 21 years.

Besides working, I spend time reading, hiking, gardening, cooking, and traveling. Countries I've visited include Iceland, Ecuador, Peru, Australia, New Zealand, Russia, and most of western Europe. I value international friendships!

When I retire, I want to continue traveling, and spend lots of time reading to young children!

Trista H.jpg

2020-21 Board Member: Trista Houdyshell

My name is Trista, and my two daughters are receiving services from SSP2P. They have been an amazing resource to my family, and I am honored to serve on the board as a parent representative. I work in early learning and Direct the Hawks Prairie Head Start Center in Lacey. My family enjoys taking nature walks, reading, and doing art projects. My husband and I have been married for 7 years, our two daughters are 4 and 6 years old, their names are Millie and Zelda. We also have 2 miniature dachshunds named Edward and Alphonse, who love to snuggle and be lazy.

Adrienne Badorf.jpg

2022 Board Member: Adrienne Badorf

Adrienne is mother to three busy boys, the oldest who has specials needs and benefited from the services and resources of SSP2P in his early years. She is excited to serve on the board and assist young families navigate complex and often overwhelming times when searching for support for their young, loved ones.   She is a practicing hematology/oncology nurse practitioner and enjoys gardening, beach trips and spending time with her husband and family.

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