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 Administrative & Program STAFF

Executive Director

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Office Manager/

HP Support

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Development Director

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Community Outreach


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Helping Parent    Transition Coordinator

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Chris Brandt

Office Support

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EI Intake Coordinator

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EI Intake Support


Group Coordinator

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EI Records

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EI Billing /

Compliance Coordinator

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Tosha Parker

Data Entry Specialist


EI Program Coordinator 

EI Provider

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Lead FRC

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EI Teacher

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EI Teacher

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SLP Assistant

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Behavior Specialist 

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Physical Therapist

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Thurston County

FRC/HV N. Thurston

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FRC/HV N. Thurston

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FRC N. Thurston 

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FRC N. Thurston 

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FRC Tumwater

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HV S. Thurston 

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HV Yelm

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FRC/HV N. Thurston

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HV Tumwater

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FRC S.Thurston/Yelm

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South Mason County

Bilingual HV

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Grays Harbor County

HV - W. Grays Harbor

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FRC - Grays Harbor

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FRC/HV - W. Grays Harbor

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Heidi Balanzar


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HV - E. Grays Harbor

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SSP2P board of directors

Board President:
Lauren Howard

Mother of three and a military spouse. After her child transitioned out of the Birth to Three Program, Lauren joined the Board of Directors in an effort to give back to the organization that has supported her family so well through the years.

 Vice President:
Chris Smith

I have been a resident of Western Washington for almost 40 years. My family and I have called Thurston County home for nearly three years now.  I have one son who is in pre-school and graduated from the Birth to Three Program at South Sound Parent 2 Parent.  My wife teaches first grade at Lydia Hawke Elementary in the North Thurston School District.  I am a Realtor with Van Dorm Realty Inc.  Our son was born at 26 weeks and was a Micro-Preemie.  He was tube fed for three years.  After participating in the birth to 3 program, it gives me great satisfaction to support SSP2P's success as a member of the board. I consider it a privilege and honor to be involved.

Eric Hurlburt

Eric, a 40-year resident of Olympia, is retired from the Department of Agriculture where he was responsible for marketing and economic development, including the state’s Farm-to-School and Small Farms programs. He also served on several governmental and non-profit boards, commissions and advisory committees. As a new board member, he has a lot to learn about SSP2P, but is excited to help support SSP2P to even more effectively and efficiently support the families of children with special needs.

Jessica Beaty

Hi, I’m Jessica Beaty, a wife and mom of two kids (5 and 3) with special needs. I have the joy of being home with my kids and run my own business. We found SSP2P after moving to Lacey 2 years ago. We were in the mist of trying to figure out how to help our oldest when we noticed our youngest beginning to have challenges. SSP2P was able to get my daughter into Early Intervention quickly and help point us in the right direction for our son. My favorite part is the events my son has been able to attend that he normally would be too overwhelmed to be at. I became a board member because I know how amazing SSP2P has been for my family and helping me to advocate that I want to continue this message and help others not feel as lost and isolated as I did. 

2020 Board Member:
Renae Antalan

 Army Veteran, wife, mother, and grandparent/guardian whose been raising her two young grandchildren for the past 4 years. Early on she noted they were not developing along with their peers and sought help. She walked into SSP2P tired, alone, and with allot of questions. An hour and a half later she walked out with a renewed energy, answers, and a motivated and compassionate Early Intervention team at her shoulders! From her heart to yours, it is truly an honor to be a part of and serve on the SSP2P board. For not only her grandchildren, but to all those who came before, are currently being served, and the countless others that have yet to come. Theirs is truly a brighter future!!   

2020 Board Member:
Susan Stewart
Susan is a wife and mother of two boys and a daughter with special needs.  "As a Founding Member of Parent to Parent, I felt I wanted to put my energies back into an organization, devoted to helping parents of special needs kids, discover available services and support for the the family.  With my boys grown and having lost our daughter, I find now that I have time to pursue this.  I retired from the Olympia School District in 2018."
2020 Board Member:
Jocelyn Brown
Having grown up in Olympia, Jocelyn sees how lucky we are to have such a rich community environment. After passing the bar, Jocelyn opened her own law firm with a goal of providing much needed affordable legal support to the community. Jocelyn has directly seen the positive and essential role that SSP2P plays in the lives of her clients. She is motivated by the opportunity to contribute to an organization that has given so much to our community.
2020 Board Member:
Maria Huang
Maria is a pediatrician at the Northwest Pediatric Center and has been living in Tumwater since 2011.  She has had numerous patients benefit from the Birth to Three program and believes South Sound Parent to Parent is vital to our community.  She strongly supports their mission to serve and provide resources to families with children with special needs or developmental delays.  She is passionate about fighting for kids and advocates at the Capitol to promote legislature that improves the health and well-being of Washington’s children.  She has a husband with Washington roots and one daughter.
Past President
Becca Brandt

Becca is a Family Physician, retired from Kaiser.  She is the parent of four adult children with special needs, Down syndrome, spina bifida and arthrogryposis.  She and her husband have 8 children total, 6 of whom are adopted internationally. I am the chair of the board of SSP2P because I believe there is a tremendous need for their services and I believe strongly in their mission.