Frequently Asked Questions


                         How do I start the Guardianship process?

  • Contact Sylvia Davenport for advice.  You may also contact the attorney we work with; Angela Carlson Whitley at 360-915-9774

  • Guardianship is very complex so we have a lawyer we can connect you with (see above), you can go to the Thurston County Family courthouse on Mottmann to obtain the paper work and do it on your own or we can connect you with a Helping Parent who has been through the process successfully.  The way you approach this is up to you.

  • For a guide to Guardianship information, please check

                 How do I learn about SSI, DDA, and other systems that                                                 I'll need as my child ages?

  • Contact Sylvia Davenport at


  • Susan Harrell with the GO WISE Program is the assistant executive director and she is the person we refer families to for SSI support.  Her number is 360-239-9919.  Susan can talk with a family to discuss the SSI plan and she has a great deal of knowledge in this area.


  • The application paperwork for DDA can be obtained online under DDA at

  • Or by going to the DDA office.  For Thurston County families, the office is at 6860 Capital Blvd. SE in Tumwater (888-339-8227)  and for Mason County families, the office is at 2505 Olympic Hwy. North Suite 440 in Shelton (360-432-2151).

  • If eligible for DDA services, you will be matched with a case worker who will go over all of the benefits that are available to your family

  • You can also see their FAQs at