South Sound Parent to Parent is the Early Intervention Provider Agency for Early Support for Infants and Toddlers in Thurston, South Mason and Grays Harbor Counties (with the exception of the Olympia School District area). We offer a variety of professional services tailored to the individual needs of your family, including Family Resources Coordination and Direct Services for children ages Birth to Three.  

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For information on Referrals, please check out FAQ under the EI tab.  

Early intervention is a system of services that helps children from birth to three with developmental delays or disabilities. At SSP2P, we understand the challenges and worry from a parent's perspective and are here to help and provide specific resources for you and your child.

Our program focuses on assisting eligible families who are concerned about their child's development such as:

  • physical (reaching, rolling, crawling, and walking)

  • cognitive (thinking, learning, solving problems)

  • communication (talking, listening, understanding)

  • social/emotional (playing, feeling secure/ happy) 

  • self-help (eating, dressing)

Our Intake Coordinator will help you through the referral process and assign you to one of our FRC/Home Visitors. Our team is made up of over 200 years of experience through intensive training, on the job involvement, and real life occurrences.

A Family Resources Coordinator (FRC)/Home Visitor will meet with you to learn about your child and family and then together, you will decide about moving forward for full developmental evaluations.

Once qualified for intervention services, your FRC/Home Visitor will help you proceed with options tailored to meet the child’s individual needs and may include:

  • Audiology or hearing services

  • Speech and language services

  • Counseling and training for families

  • Medical services

  • Nutrition services

  • Occupational therapy

  • Physical therapy

Services may also be provided to address the needs and priorities of the child’s family. Family-directed services are meant to help family members understand the special needs of their child and how to enhance their development. Take a look at our Events pages for more information.

We are here to coordinate the process of creating your Individualized Family Service Plan to reflect the services for your child and family. SSP2P is here to help.