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The Helping Parent program offers emotional support, community resources, peer mentorship, social connections through FUN family events, assistance in navigating complex health systems, educational opportunities and guidance to parents/caregivers raising children with special needs.  Raising a child with special needs can be complex, isolating and overwhelming.  As the connection for families caring for a loved one with special needs in our region, South Sound Parent to Parent is ready to lend support! 

Our goal is to increase family strengths, enhance child development and ensure that families develop the resiliency to rebound from adversity and feel empowered and supported. 

The Helping Parent program is for families caring for a loved one with special needs from

birth through their lifespan who live in Thurston and Mason Counties.

"When SSP2P's Helping Parent Transition Coordinator came to me in a parent/toddler group and asked me to think about becoming a helping parent, I was ecstatic! I was so excited and wanted nothing more than to help other parents who were going through life as a parent of a special child. I wanted and still want to make sure no parent goes through this alone."
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support groups

Currently, we have virtual support groups for Moms, Dads, and Siblings in Thurston & Mason Counties and a Parent/Toddler group in Thurston County.  You're invited to join in and share your stories and create new friendships.  Our hope is to get back to in-person groups soon!

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one-on-one helping parent match

Whether you are looking to have a mentor to help you on occasion or to become a mentor for others - we don't want you to feel like you are alone!  We can help to match you up with someone who has similar situations, and to create new friendships!

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family friendly events

We host a number of events for all ages throughout the year.  Whether it is a drive-thru event; resource fairs, Harvest Fest, or hosted events on Zoom; game night, magic show or many others, keep on the lookout to stay connected!



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educational opportunities

We offer a number of educational trainings and opportunities throughout the year and also partner with other agencies within the special needs community to keep you as updated with things such as Behavioral Issues, IEP support, DDA Town Halls, navigating SSI and much more.

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