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Caring Child

Get Matched to a Trained
Helping Parent Mentor

A Helping Parent match can provide personal support from another volunteer, a trained Helping Parent mentor who has a child with similar needs. This can be helpful  in coping with challenging experiences and feelings.

CONTACT: Sylvia Davenport, Helping Parent Transition Program Director at 360-352-1126 ext. 106 or

If you are interested in becoming a trained, volunteer Helping Parent mentor,

please connect with Sylvia Davenport.

"When SSP2P's Helping Parent Transition Coordinator came to me in a parent/toddler group and asked me to think about becoming a helping parent, I was ecstatic!

I was so excited and wanted nothing more than to help other parents who were going through life as a parent of a special child. I wanted

and still want to make sure no parent

goes through this alone."

Talking over Coffee
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